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Team of people working with FluidBoxes blocks

Ultrafast way to create, launch and scale 
websites in minutes


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Team of people working with FluidBoxes blocks

Learn about FluidBoxes in few minutes video from the Founder.

What is FluidBoxes?

FluidBoxes is a platform that provides you with customizable advanced options and integrations to build any custom and scalable professional business, e-commerce or marketing website.

How does it work?

Illustration of FluidBoxes expert standing with colorfull boxes

Step 1
Business development

We are kicking off with learning about your business and building the solution that will automate your processes and get more customers.

Illustration of a training with a board and big tablet

​​​​​Step 2
Business training

At this stage we are training your business how to use FluidBoxes with ease and get the best business results

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Step 3
Business support

This is where we optimise your business workflow, support FluidBoxes and provide ongoing technical support.

If you have a question, request a call back and we will give you a ring.


Fluidboxes features



Dynamic SEO system which analyses content and marks for Google crawlers.



Responsive size and orientation of the website’s layout.



Enable a shopping cart and complete checkout with regular and recurrent payments. 



Pushes selected articles published on your website to social media platforms.




Publish, distribute, translate and optimize your contents for  better conversions.



Set-up email campaigns to multiple recipients and integrate with 3rd party email system.



Keep the conversation going and enjoy higher SE rankings with dynamic keywords.



Engage site visitors and use videos from Youtube, Vimeo or Wistia.




Enterprise security system integrated on the code and hosting level.



Create any custom logic and rules to support your business funnel. 



Extend your reach and build a community of prospects.



All levels of support. From daily to certified digital architect support.

Premium Support Expert by the desk with a screen

Premium Support

We provide an experienced development team with certified digital deliver expert and account manager who will guide you through every inch of the building, launching and managing your website administration.

Premium Support Expert by the desk with a screen
Screen and a server connected to FluidBoxes system

Advanced Hosting

FluidBoxes system in build with a high performance and solid enterprise level security in mind so you don't have to worry about updating the code, patching, security and performance.
It's all on us.

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