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Experience since 1994

From idea to digital product

Unleash the full potential of your business with strategic vision, where you transcend barriers and achieve your goals faster and easier than ever before.

I have helped 30+ organisations in 100+ digital projects.

  • Architecture: From idea to roadmap

    Transforming intricate business visions into captivating digital masterpieces, I weave a tapestry of streamlined elegance. From deciphering complex requirements to sculpting a cohesive and easily comprehensible digital architecture, I breathe life into your aspirations.

    Witness the remarkable transformation as I seamlessly navigate the intricacies of your business briefs, paving the way for unparalleled success and unlocking a world of endless possibilities.

  • Infrastructure: Scalable and future-proof digital infrastructures.

    Ignite your digital prowess with my expertise in crafting scalable and future-proof digital infrastructures. Seamlessly blending innovation, security, and cost-efficiency, I engineer a technological symphony that propels your business forward.

    Step into a world where scalability meets security and cost-effectiveness, as I redefine what`'`s possible for your digital landscape.

  • Development: Supporting teams in achieving goals faster

    Supercharge your development teams and unlock the path to accelerated success with my support. I can propel your teams towards their goals with unmatched speed and ease.

    With my guidance, your development teams become unstoppable forces. Embrace the transformative power of my expertise and watch as your goals are conquered effortlessly, paving the way for a future defined by extraordinary achievements.

From optimizing your online presence to streamlining operations. With my experience, you`'`ll be able to unlock new opportunities, forge meaningful connections with your audience, and ascend to the pinnacle of your industry.

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Professionals about me

I worked with Jakub on a contract for Transport for Wales, he's a real pleasure to work with. Thorough in his approach to work and organised in his delivery of the project, while also being on hand to answer in depth technical queries relating to the back end system while I worked on the front end.

Alex Jeffers

I worked with Jakub during 2020 when he was seconded to our delivery team. Along with his in-depth expertise, he always brought near-boundless energy and enthusiasm to the team and the work at hand. A really positive and talented person.

Richard West

Jakub has a great personality and it was a pleasure to work with him at Jisc. I always enjoyed how much energy he brought to meetings and discussions. It helped motivate myself and other team members. I admire his inquisitive mindset; he is very keen to learn about a wide range of technologies and take on new challenges.

Faisal Taher

Jakub's enthusiasm and positive nature make him a great person to work with. He is comfortable exploring new ideas and investigating technology solutions, with the ability to present back findings in a way that makes sense to stakeholders at all levels. His technical knowledge means that he is able to weigh up ideas and solutions and recommend the most appropriate way forward. Jakub is an asset to any team and I hope we'll have the chance to work together again in the future.

Andy Hurley

It's been a real pleasure to work with such an energetic and enthusiastic individual like Jakub! Loving what he does would make him a great addition to any team, since he is able to spread the passion! Keep up the great work Jakub!

Veselin Kirev

It has been great working with Jakub. He brings energy to projects and will step and lead when needed. He brought strong skills in Drupal and infrastructure development.

Niles Newberry

There's a lot of positives to be said about Jakub. He's a Drupal master first of all and his work is impeccable, his work ethic without question, his enthusiasm for Tech is admirable. But what sets him apart from the rest is his personality: fun when it matters, polite at all times, open minded, business oriented, a great guy! I couldn't recommend him enough and hope we can work together again in the future.

Hector Castro

He excels in managing his own time as well as coordinating work of the teams he is leading. Regardless of the situation he is always composed, in control and full of positive energy. Jakub has an immense technical knowledge, which he gladly shares with others.

Eugeniusz Eudokimow

I have enjoyed working alongside Jakub over the last year and have learned a lot from both his Drupal experience and his extensive background as a programmer.

Charles Folkes

What shines through with Jakub is his personality and positivity. He is a hard worker who is experienced in his field. He has a deep understanding of Drupal and working within organisations. He is very approachable and communicates well with colleagues. I hope I get to work with Jakub again in the future.

Peter Thorndycraft

I worked with Jakub for about 12 months and found him to be an insightful, creative and approachable Developer with excellent interpersonal skills and a positive attitude. His ideas and work during a key IA project were invaluable.

Lee Griffiths

Jakub is a very talented web developer and an expert in Drupal. He has a can-do attitude with a focus on the solution. Having worked closely with Jakub, nothing phases him in development. He is always ready to help his colleagues and share knowledge as well as be an excellent mentor. Jakub is also very good at understanding the user's point of view and is always willing to compromise as well as articulate a better way of development, that will help all parties involved, with outstanding communication skills.

Chris Christou

Jakub is a top class Drupal developer. I've worked with him for one year and within that time Jakub has continued to push the boundaries. I would strongly recommend working with him in the future.

Jack Haydon

I have worked with Jakub for a short period. But during that time I have come to admire his passion for life and Drupal. He is a very enthusiastic developer. He loves to experiment with new technologies.

Muzammel Hoque

Jakub is a determined and enthusiastic professional. His approach to work is fresh and offers new perspective to tasks. He endeavours to communicate effectively helping to facilitate the feedback loop on a project.

Jonathan Aghimien

Jakub mixes personality with a strong passion and detailed knowledge for his work, he has recently started working for a client who I work with and I cannot recommend him highly enough, he is easy to deal with and offers a unique insight into his working world.

Adam Johnson

Jakub is a talented developer who has a can-do attitude to his work. He integrated well and worked hard as part of a team working to successfully deliver a project to a tight deadline. I would definitely recommend Jakub and be more than happy to work with him again.

Chris Guy

Jakub came to FP Creative to help out with an extremely complicated specific project that we were mid-way through for a large client. The skills he bought to the project were invaluable in getting the job implemented and completed on time. Jakub brings an enthusiastic and professional approach to his work and we very much enjoyed having him as part of the team.

James Moore

Jakub is a highly skilled professional with an immense skill set. He was required to jump on a project and hit the ground running and my client could not be happier with him. I couldn't reccomend Jakub highly enough!!!

Anton Hypolite

Jakub is a committed and competent developer, willing to pick up new techniques and technologies and always ready to put in extra effort to deliver projects on time.

Jameelur Rahmaan

During my time at TDI I found Jakub to be experienced and hard working. I always enjoyed his happy attitude to work and colleagues.

Andrew Fairlie

Jakub is a dedicated and happy developer to work with. You get a happy smile once a piece of code is complete. He is the fastest and most interesting developer I have worked with at Tag. I hope he works with a cool team in the near future.

Ace Rosillo

Jakub is a bright and conscientious programmer. An excellent example of his work was a new central monitoring system; he gathered requirements and designed a proof of concept to enable project viability to be assessed Not only is Jakub focused on the task at hand, he gets on exceptionally well with both technical and non-technical peers.

Andrew Logie

Jakub is a conscientiousness pragmatic developer. One project Jakub worked on for our department was a Central Monitoring System. I gave Jakub the requirements and Jakub was then able to manage and project providing all documentation and code for the project. Jakub showed that he is a good team player and was able to turn requirements into a finished system. Jakub also worked with one of our new Payment Gateway integrations for a Swedish Company, this was a complex project - through this project Jakub gained a lot of experience. I would recommend Jakub to any employer.

Barry Gear

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