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It doesn't matter if you are a small or big business. With the use of technology, we can still help each other and create a better tomorrow. You can find a lot of free resources and inspiration that will help your business to thrive in the moment of worldwide problems.

Working remotely

My dream always was to be able to work remotely, create a team of highly experienced professionals so we can pick up any project. Everyone can work from the place they dream of, their home, their balcony, a beach, tropical country, snowy mountains or from the boat, away from the noise. So this is how it started for me.

I am still building my business as it's the process, learning a lot in free time and while being semi-perfectionist having time for work, family, fun and friends.

When I was telling people that the remote work is the future some of them smiled and said, easier said than done. But now, the entire world is going fully remote. Yes, it wasn't because of a choice but because of the need in the time of coronavirus spread.

In this video, recorded during the first week of quarantine in Spain I am sharing my experience in working remotely.

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We help each other

As many businesses are closed there is an upcoming opportunity to these with an open mind, every time in a moment of the economy going down there is space for something new and innovative.

Are you going to use it to help others? Yes, you should as life is not only about you and me. We live for others and only with others around we can thrive and be happy.