How to get rid of procrastination?


Don’t think that I am special, I have problems with this too, on top of that on a daily basis. 
I think that it all comes down not only to laziness but some kind of internal fear. 

Have you ever heard of being afraid of success? So weird but it happens.

So many fears can rule us and make reaching our success difficult. 

Watch this

With me, it’s mixed with perfectionism. I want to produce things that are great. Well designed, well-architected and well developed. The problem with this “well” is that it can bite off too much of your time. Then, your brain will come up with another million excuses why you should quit what you’re doing. 

So, don’t overengineer it, keep it simple.
Dream big but take small steps.
Think digitally, act analogy.
Rush, slowly (as my parents say).

And the most important to me recently learned.

Get rid of your TODO list and replace it with a calendar and scheduled time slots.

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