How to be smart and avoid SCAM websites online?


So, what is a SCAM website? It’s something that you should avoid at all cost. It’s a website that looks legit but the whole purpose is to get your data, passwords or money. 

I would say that’s a cousin of a phishing site, a site which is simulating a bank (usually) website and is asking for your username and password. You give it and it shows some random message that “Sorry, but at the moment we are in the maintenance mode”. The date was already stored but not to get your suspicion it will show there everything is OK.

So how to detect a SCAM website?

First of all, check the URL of the website where you’re providing your payment card details or any other personal information. 

Every time, you will see that the URL is different. Let’s say you are using ING bank. The original website URL is but the SCAM or phishing website will use where is the attacker's server name and everything on the front ( is just to keep you believing it’s a legit site.

Check the video as I’ll show you my example. This is a real story that I had in London. I was close to passing my details. Unfortunately, I submitted my phone number where for the next 6 months I will be getting all kind of “Investment” proposition. Most of these calls were coming from the same foreign company but presented by different people. 

Watch this

I hope this will help to keep you on the secure and safe side.

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